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As an EasyInvoice user SEB offers you several services:

  • e-invoice business
  • e-invoice private
  • printing, enveloping and dispatching of invoice
  • Invoice factoring

e-invoice: You can send electronic invoices both to businesses and private persons. Instead of printing your invoice on paper you send a file to SEB. The invoices are verified and sent out to the recipient in the format they have chosen.

Printing of invoice: This is a complete service for printing, enveloping and dispatching of paper invoices by mail. This service is advantageous for all your outgoing services combined with e-invoice and invoice services as a complete undertaking by SEB.

Factoring: EasyInvoice transmits a file to SEB which enables factoring of invoices and simplifies your administration of customer ledgers.

More information

If you would like to know more about e-invoice or printing, you can turn to your local bank office. You can also email us on . More information about our services can be found on

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If you already have an agreement with us on either of the above services you can order EasyInvoice here.

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