Frågor och svar på vanliga frågor

Choose service provider.

Your service provider is the party you have an agreement with for electronic invoicing, usually your bank. This agreement applies to e-invoice or invoice services.


Choose product.

You have three choices to use when converting with EasyInvoice.

Virtual printer (one computer/multiple computers) For converting directly from your business system.
PDF file upload For converting PDF-files through the website.
Invoice Portal For Handelsbanken's Billing Service Customers to register their bills on the Internet to update the ledger of Factoring Services.
File uploading For converting from a file that you export from your business system.



As an EasyInvoice user you have several services to choose from. Each service is equivalent to one invoice type:

Business invoice is an invoice between to businesses. The invoice sender does not invoice private persons, only businesses.

Private invoice is an invoice from a company to a private person. The invoice sender only invoices private persons.

Printing of your invoice on paper as a Standard Invoice. EasyInvoice converts your invoices and those in paper format are printed and distributed by your bank if they support the service.

FALK invoice services from Handelsbanken for e g. Factoring.

SEB factoring Factoring service from SEB.

e-fact Transfer of electronic invoices to Nordea Finance in accordance with terms in your factoring agreement.


For each service there is a separate conversion and yearly fee.



For transport and communication with EasyInvoice you have several choices. You can choose between the below:

E-mail, your invoices are converted and sent back to you by email. You then send the electronic invoice on to your bank or invoice recipient.

Send directly, your invoice is sent directly to you service provider (i.e. your bank).


Estimated invoice volume

In your license agreement for EasyInvoice an amount of 15 000 invoices is included per year and format. Should you have more that the 15  000 nvoices per year you need to buy one (or several) more yearly volumes. 30 000 000 invoices will cost 2 times 2000 kronor/year= 4000 kronor/year. Your stated volume will be checked against your actual volume per month times 12.